Tuesday, February 3, 2009



The body of tattooing and body art in general has dynamically exploded within the last twenty five years, big time! Previously considered the domain of bikers and sailors, now, today you can find tattoos on almost everybody, no matter what group they fit in. Amongst those, one of the popular ones are the Celtic tattoos. The Celtic tattoo designs are very popular and one of the most chosen designs of today. Celtic tattoos are characterized by intricate designs of braided bands. Celtic designs have recently been appearing in jewelery and tattoo styles for the various past few years but have just reached a huge popularity jump in the mid nineteen nineties.

It is very well believed that the Celtic tattoos are able to trace their origins as far back as the time of the cave paintings. The Picts, one of the ancient peoples of the British Isles, are supposably believed to have tattooed animal art on to their bodies by wounding their skin with very hot scolding sticks to create the patterns. Afterwards, a blue dye that rendered from the leaves of a plant called a woad was used to virtually enhance the designs by colouring the skin which was very advanced at the time.

Not just beautiful, but also intricate, Celtic tattoos are not just a design, but a whole lot more then that. The majority of the Celtic tattoos express some religious significance, a mix of Christian and Druid beliefs that have become tied together through the previous centuries. Why the mix together? The Celts had no actual written form of the language and have passed on all of their traditions and beliefs by mouth. Although, when Christianity had reached ancient Britain's shores, the monks had introduced the first written language to the culture and started to incorporate the Celt designs into the Christian symbolism as a way to connect the gap between Druids and Christ.

Some of the popular Celtic tattoo designs include the Celtic knots which is probably the most popular Celtic tattoo design available to date. Celtic tattoo designs are favoured by many and are fastly becoming very popular in the tattoing world.